MH ethanol

Air control Engineering partner.

The value of a company lies in the social contribution including a well-being of its employees


Safety is our priority
Our employees are the asset of MHethanol Therefore, we encourage our employees to be educated and aware of safety education programs for avoiding exposure to any accidents. We are also doing a maintenance of our facilities periodically for a safety, and which is the way to protect our assets.


Environment is our neighbor to keep
A clean environment can make the best alcohol. As a part of global warming prevention, we aim for zero carbon emissions. We are treating waste water and re-using and enhancing our energy efficiencies.


Happiness begins at Home
Families are corner stone of our company. As a result, we are providing full support for fair and diverse welfare benefits such as tuition, medical examinations, vacation support.

Growth and Development

Growth and Development
MH ethanol is trying to ensure internal stability. The company encourage a self improvement of our employees which leads to the growth of the company.